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Wapp is a character in the story, appearing in Chapter 7 - A New Arrival. He seems to be very skilled at Minecraft, and he is Speedo's longest friend. He helps Speedo along his journey to get back to the real world, and his knowledge of the game guides Speedo and Mega through their escape. He has a knack for exploring, and often likes taking risks.

Real-World Reference

In the real world, he used to play with Speedo a lot on the Minecraft server Hypixel, often winning in battles against him. Although Wapp is a major character, very little is known about him.


Wapp is very kind and smart, often getting Speedo and his friends out of sticky situations. He always strives for adventure with other friends. He enjoys the inner peace of Minecraft, and the music that plays from the skies calms him. He loves going out in the rain.

Physical appearance

Wapp's Minecraft skin is an indian-american boy, with messy hair. He wears a black mask on his eyes, and has transparent white circles to see through his mask. He wears a black suit with a red tie, and cyan jeans with polished black shoes. His mask has some strange properties. When it is on, no skin can be seen under it, and his mask eyes seem to act like normal eyes, being able to blink and look around, despite it being an inanimate object. He is 5 feet and 2 inches.

Likes and Dislikes


Favorite color: Sea Foam

Favorite animal: Gorilla gorilla gorilla (which is the scientific term for the Western Lowland Gorilla) and the axolotl

Favorite food: Croissants

Favorite game: Minecraft, obviously

Favorite place: Any kind obstacle course or trampoline center

Favorite sport: Badminton

Favorite book: Minecraft: The Crash

Favorite school subject: Math

Best friend in Minecraft: Speedo

Best friend in the real world: [REDACTED]


Least favorite color: Mustard yellow

Least favorite animal: Blobfish

Least favorite food: Cauliflower

Least favorite game: Apex Legends

Least favorite place: Carnival

Least favorite sport: Lacrosse

Least favorite book: The entire "Wimpy Kid" series

Worst enemy in Minecraft: None

Worst enemy in the real world: None


  • His real name is Ari
  • He got into Minecraft as he had got dementia at a very young age, and woke up in his favorite game
    • He forgot everything about himself in the real world
  • He is not comfortable talking about his past
  • He never swears. 99%!
  • He is a real person, who was a proofreader for the book. He goes by the username AriEpik.