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Griefer 001 is the first griefer of the story, first appearing in Chapter 6 - An Adventure for the Ages. He seems to be too skilled at and enthused with Minecraft, and he has almost no friends. He griefs iMegahh's Skybase and counting, hindering Speedo's journey to get back to the real world, and his power and secrecy drive Speedo, Wapp, and Mega into frustration. He has a knack for upgrading, and often likes skedaddling.

Real-World Reference



Griefer 001 is very skilled and annoying, often getting Speedo and his friends into sticky situations. He always strives for griefing with Speedo, Speedo's friends, and Speedo's friends' friends. He enjoys the inner hostility of Minecraft, and the music that plays from the skies annoys him, causing him to grief even more. He loves going out in the ocean.

Physical appearance

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Likes and Dislikes


Favorite color: Anything Speedo, Speedo's friends, and Speedo's friends' friends don't have as their favorite color

Favorite animal: Himself

Favorite food: Rotten Flesh and Air

Favorite game: Fortnite

Favorite place: Anything but Minecraft

Favorite sport: Boxing

Favorite book: MS-DOS vs. Windows 10

Favorite school subject: Social Studies

Best friend in Minecraft: Himself

Best friend in the real world: Himself


Least favorite color: Anything not one of his favorite colors

Least favorite animal: Human

Least favorite food: Anything not one of his favorite foods

Least favorite game: Minecraft

Least favorite place: Minecraft

Least favorite sport: Anything fair

Least favorite book: A Minecraft Struggle

Worst enemy in Minecraft: Speedo

Worst enemy in the real world: Speedo


  • His real name is Poopies
  • He got into Minecraft as he had gotten Speedo's projects, and woke up in his arch nemesis game
    • He remembered everything about himself in the real world... Kinda
  • He is not comfortable talking about Speedo
  • He never talks.
  • He is a "real" person, who was a destructive critic for the book. He goes by the username FORTNITEONLYHAHA.