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GUI, originally named Heart Indicator, is an item found in The Void just in the middle of its new mobs being introduced.


It looks like an always-open flap with a pink heart, with the rest of the flap being white.

Features Based on Item

  • Planned Middle Hand: Another mechanical device that sprouts out from the chest to create a middle hand. Intended to be used for the necessity of having GUI in a hand to show its data.
  • Planned Upgraded GUI: Displays leveling, quests, and more, also being able to show its data without being in a hand.
  • Planned All-Relative Damage: Like damage, but calculated based on the max or current amount of hearts the target entity has. 100% is an instant K.O., and something like 33.3...% needs to be dealt 3 times for the target entity to die.


If GUI is in a hand, show this data:

  • Updates in hearts. For instance, damage is represented as "-<amount of damage><heart icon(s) representing damage dealt>", and healing is represented as "+<amount of damage><heart icon(s) representing damage dealt>". All-relative damage is represented as "-<percent as a fraction relative to an instant K.O.><heart icon(s) representing damage dealt> ALL". "CUR" relates to current HP.