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No joke - making a mistake could be fatal. I knew it would be hard, but this? C‘mon…

I examined the firestone that I‘d mined. It had a mentally-vague impression of liveliness, and was neither hot nor fiery, but was glowing like embers. I guessed that it‘d need something related to a flint-and-steel.

The alcove I was hiding behind wasn‘t particularly helpful in the sense of peeking my head outta it to gaze at the site. When I looked closer, I saw bookshelves ingrained near solid materials. Who would do this? Then again, the bookshelves weren‘t surrounding an enchantment table! I wanted to look, but obviously couldn‘t. Maybe I could break a wall or something for blocks.

I was belittling to the thought of discovering civilization or some other peculiar breakthrough via someone completely random. I was lacking my supply of bow-and-arrow, and didn‘t even have an ample resource quantity of sustenance!

Overwhelmed, I advanced to the wall my dog was and procrastinated at the right edge of the alcove. I searched for my friends all-out, but couldn‘t find ‘em… ‘till Mega weirdly poked out their head in the worst way imaginable, that‘s when I found ‘em. “Where‘s-” I started to ask, but was interrupted by Mega answering me mid-question early with, “Right here!”

As I was dilatory while waiting for my perfect pursuit, I saw a red enderman approaching. Glancing back at the lawbook, I whispered but called out all at the same time, “CODE BLACK!!” And, man, it felt good, after a million years of just waiting to say that! I focused back on reality and attacked. I ran back - as if I were flying - to my spot behind the alcove, and finally gotta chance to think. My dog did something interesting - it bit the enderman and circled around ‘till it ended at where I was just pursuing from before retreating. Yea, I gotta give ‘em a name soon.

The dog guarded, and I charged. I began by sneak-attacking it before my dog gotta hurl, and then chickened around to vex it. My dog jumped in for a hit, after which I jumped on ‘em to spin around my sword to hit the enderman. Remarkably, I managed to dangle long enough to land another hit before getting knocked down and retreating back to my dog‘s spot. It was wincing in cries before my dog finished it off with… Howling, spinning around, growling, and biting (yeah, iunno either).

I was way too impatient to jot down more codes by this point, so I just did it now. I wrote, “Code white is any mob horde. Code red is something painful to do with fire.” I quickly ran outta ideas, which I didn‘t know whether to be proud or disappointed ‘bout.

I uncovered a hidden side of the alcove where I glimpsed a redstone network that appeared to ingrain the spawners into the wall. However, it had a jukebox plugged into a comparator. It required at least 13 redstone dust signal power to function. I knew the music disc just for that - pigstep. And there was no way we could do that… “Maybe there‘s a music disc 12?” I inquired aloud. “Would make sense,” Wapp evidenced. “If Minecraft‘d make sense.”

I didn‘t wanna do this. I mined the jukebox, thinking I‘d actually done it. “Wait, that actually worked?!?” I said ecstatically. Just when I was ready for us to collect wood above ground, I heard a zap. When I looked back, it reappeared (I‘m 99% sure you guessed that, especially after reading the zap part)! “Wow! It worked? Yay,” I said sarcastically. “Yea, of course it didn‘t!!!!”

I really wanted to leave, it was already too late, and it always was gonna be. Notwithstanding, oh, the fear for my demise, I attempted. Tracking my dog‘s path, I covered the right side of the alcove‘s ramparts. Next, all I did was trail backward, retaining my sword drawn, and trying notta upset the endermen. I‘d just neared the water when a witch appeared. Presumably, if I swam up - struggling immoderately - the witch would demolish me first.

How many times‘ve I done this drill? Like, 30? No, 50! You count, iunno!! Anyway, I classically equipped my diamond sword unto battle. At the beginning, I was really feeling a “roll from side-to-side” vibe - like Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2! The good thing, too, was that I could at least do a side-roll, just like the game I just mentioned earlier. I started by poking out my sword and pausing to hearken for the cue. When I sensed it, I did a bunch of rolls to the right as strong as I could - with no wear (or tear)! I spun for the first hit and did the normal attack for the second one. This time, though, one of its potions hit me with Weakness. At least it wasn‘t Slowness… I just sliced for the next round after that, which actually, finally, heckingly, for God‘s sake (if the deity eve-, er… I‘m religious in God), surprisingly killed it!

Again, I really wanted to flee, but we still needed 8 iron ingots - 2 for the flint-and-steels, and 6 for the iron ingots ‘emselves - and 5 speedites. Tough break! “Have any Looting or Collector enchants?” I asked desperately. They both shrugged. Great - no zombie-iron-ingots for me, I suppose… “Who'da built this, anyway?” I added. Immediately after I asked that, I thought, It‘s gotta be the griefer; surely! And, immediately after that thought, I had another, No way. Do brain-reformation potions exist - ‘cuz I need ‘em right now? All I got from Mega was just, “Someone advanced.” “Yea, probably the griefer,” I responded, with ‘em just reacting mutely stiff.

When I looked back, I spotted a tunnel that went unrecognized before. I ran to the hope of finding our needed ores just when a skeleton appeared. When I looked closer before engaging in this seemingly straightforward combat, I noticed something different - it had a crossbow! After I struck with my diamond sword, it shot a projectile and I dodged. I quickly recognized it was a firework just as it blew up and set a lotta stuff on fire, except the enhanced skeleton and I, of course! Flame fireworks… On crossbows?!? I thought. This predicament itself was already ghastly and unspeakable, but now I just see more and more inexplicable crafts! I twitched to stamp it out with my hand, but shot back when it still felt like it‘d hurt. “Uhh, code red!!?” I called. “Not really gonna stamp it out with my hands!!!!” They slowly advanced, while more and more fire was filling up, the tunnel was still blocked, and, morbidly, I was running outta places to dodge at. How were we gonna even getta this griefer if stuff like this‘s diverting us?!? I ultimately thought. My god!! I thought pursuing ‘em with a breeze of resources was all we hadda do - now, look at this!

My friends arrived and installed blocks - which they broke after placing ‘em - to smother all the fire. Of course, it took forever, and that skeleton was just waiting for its next shot to strike home. I slashed at it again, bereft of my weapon‘s high damage thanks to the earlier witch‘s Weakness status effect… After the fire was gone, my friends joined in, and I devised a risky plan - utilizing my stone ax atop a high ledge. I mined the few remaining cobblestones and pillared up with ‘em. I ensured a wall between the skeleton and I while my friends gestured to hide back further, which I accepted, of course. I applied the lateral path next to the wall to hit it with my ax - y‘know the drill, I know it, too - and concealed again. After doing this, I questioned my time of arrival to this world for a moment. Well, I just resumed. Thanks, journal, for jotting down my ideas safe and sound for me!

I think the skeleton was becoming more irate. It prepared its shot, and I frantically blocked off every open side. I parried anyway, and was glad to ‘cuz its firework still got in range. Although I parried, the bang still hurt me a little bit. I mined the wall and hit it with my ax again, then switched to my sword and hit it with that as well before I repeated the same parrying technique. I really gotta figure out a new way to handle these flame fireworks. The ledge was afire, so I leaped down with my sword pointed down again (uh, this is like one of my moves now). When I bounced up off of it, I swung again before landing. “Do whatever you‘re gonna do NOW!!” I shouted. Wapp: Ax; Mega: Bow; Me: Sword. Classic. Mega shot first, Wapp next, and I retreated, knowing another attack would make my parrying too late. When it shot, I dodged, then dodged even more to avoid the firework‘s bang. Finally, I cessated it with a jump-attack (which dealt critical damage, as Minecraft logic‘s always been). “We should make a PvP class,” I proposed randomly. “Now, if everyone banded together, imagine how everyone’s résumés would look. Purely grand! …A-a-and, I‘m done now.” “Good,” Wapp replied blankly. This is cursed. Our dialogue is cursed.

“For some reason, I‘m kinda deranged,” I commented. “Like, ‘OH! We should make a PvP class! Purely grand! And, I‘m done now!!!‘” “It‘s called ‘upping the ante,‘” Wapp replied. “You just can‘t handle it. Now, can we please retrieve the ores?!?Jinx.

Irked, I branch-mined a gateway for ores, literally expecting a horde of monsters to appear or something like that; it didn’t really matter to me anyhow or anymore, come what may. Irked, I branch-mined a gateway for ores, literally expecting a horde of monsters to appear or something like that; it didn’t really matter to me anyhow or anymore, come what may. I heard a huge FOOM sound. And then a zombie started groaning. It happened again. FOOM, groaan, FOOM, groaaaan! There must have been a spawner nearby. The real question was if it was another or one in that other line. “Kill those darn zombies,” my mouth managed to push out. But, hey, it was one of the spawners from before! I mused it for a second. And I decided that I should just keep branch-mining and listen to the intensity of the sounds.

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