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A person was riding in a boat. He seemed to be pushing and pulling the oars with ease. Which I couldn‘t even do. It took me 1 minute just to move 50 blocks. Behind him was a pig. “Who is that, Speedo?” Mega asked. He had familiar hair and clothes. I continued examining him. “Oh, I think I know exactly who it is.” He came up to me. “Hey, Speedo!” he said. It was MrWappDapp. “You know this pleb?” Mega asked. “That‘s kinda offensive, but I‘ll take it, I guess,” Wapp said. “I am MrWappDapp! Call me Wapp!” Wapp said, overjoyed. “That‘s my Minecraft name, of course; my real name ain‘t that silly!” There was sadness in his eyes. “Of course, I barely remember anything ‘bout myself.” “You‘re trapped in here, too?” I asked. “Yes,” he answered. “For… 11 months.” “Well, we‘re tryna find our way out,” I said. “We were going after a griefer,” Mega snapped. “I do like it here,” Wapp said, gratefully. “But I could use a break, I guess.”

I wrung out the sponge and said, “We‘re getting a water purifier and a speedo flower.” Then I remembered something. My dog was still at home. Suddenly, my dog telepathically read this and teleported next to my lap. “Come with us this time,” I whispered to my dog. “Wapp, we‘re gonna go mining.”

“Follow me,” Wapp called, wearing frost walker boots and walking past the ocean monument. Astonished, I followed Wapp to their hell of a mineshaft, Mega trailing behind. There was a tower on the surface which we walked down. It went underwater, covering the ocean. Wapp led us down to a cave. “I‘ve been to the void,” Wapp said. “What?” Mega and I asked in awe. “I lost my bedrock pickaxe,” Wapp continued. “It was chaos. Now, I‘m somehow back here. I can‘t remember anything, it‘s just… all gone.” “Let‘s get that pure gem and hopper!” I focused back. “But for real this time, call it out if you hear an enderman!”

Wapp gave both of us diamond swords, then we forced our way through the school of mobs. “Creepers are just plants,” Wapp said. “All you gotta do is slice through ‘em.” “According to Google Translate, they‘re called vines,” I joked. The creepers were after me. I approached, slashed, and retreated ‘till the first one died. The other two were coming from the left and right at 45-degree angles, and they were advancing closer to me. I slashed both of ‘em simultaneously, for group damage. I flanked ‘em, slashing each of ‘em in a row. Now that the creepers were gone, I looked for any endermen. I spotted an orange enderman and ran back, shouting, “Orange enderman!” Mega ran back for the first hit, me second, and Wapp tracing last. My dog got the final hit, taking a blow. I ate my mushroom stew when my friends found a bunch of skeletons. I dashed through ‘em, killing one with my sword, then retreating. I looted an arrow. I shot at the skeletons while Mega killed ‘em from behind.

Wapp threw us diamond pickaxes which we mined iron with as Wapp was searching for a pure gem. Mega threw me a crafting table. I crafted a furnace with the cobblestones from the ocean monument, then Mega threw me some coal, which I useta smelt the iron. While we were waiting for the iron to smelt, we trailed behind Wapp.

Wapp did find some pure gem ores, but they weren‘t free. A cave spider spawner was spawning spiders, which were climbing up to us. “I hate spiders,” I complained. “notta mention my combat skills.” Mega started slashing the spiders and I mined the pure gem ores. After Mega broke the spawner, there was one spider left. I dodged, slashing at the same time. I jumped to the other side. If I landed half a block backward, I‘da fallen. I had the pure gem.

We started combining all the materials. Mega made the Cup and filled it with water. I made the Water Purifier and the Coal Nuggets. Wapp made the Filter and placed it. We had finally gotten a Pure Water Cup. We repeated ‘till we had nine, then split ‘em. I also split my mushroom stew.

After eating and drinking, we went back to the mushroom fields to ride back. Wapp gave us some boats after we told him we needed to go to the islands where Mega and I started. I stalled, “Mega, you‘re sure that arresting this griefer is worth it, right? We have no idea how hard this could be.” “It couldn‘t be that hard,” Mega said. “Trust me,“ Wapp eavesdropped, “I‘ve dealt with tons of griefers, mostly on 2b2t.” “2b2t?” I asked. “Yeah. It‘s like another world. I originally spawned in this world, but this one time there were a bunch of glowing lights around me. I walked into one, and there I was - in 2b2t.” “Wow,” I said, “Sounds crazy.” “Yeah,” Wapp responded. “Doesn‘t that mean you can join other servers?” I asked. “Anyway, it‘s nightfall. Should we at least sleep first?” “No,” Mega insisted, “Then the griefer will get away.” Mega handed me some sticks and I made torches. When we held ‘em, the area lit up. “Let‘s go before these torches burn out,” I agreed.

As we rode back, drowned zombies were tryna throw tridents at us. Wapp gave all of us shields. “I owe you one,” I told Wapp. We continued to ride, stopping to shield ourselves whenever a drowned zombie tried to kill us. “So, um, what should we talk ‘bout?” I asked. “Time will‘ve already passed. Just make sure to deflect the tridents.” “Your dog‘s surprisingly on your lap,” Mega said, obviously not having anything else to talk ‘bout. I filled my empty cup with water and gave it to my dog - it basically has a water purifier already in its mouth. We had arrived at my island.

This time, there were witches, as well. “This arrest just becomes more and more jaded,” I murmured. Then I saw a huge bemusement - there were pufferfish inside of the ground! “This griefer is on a riot,” I muttered. Mega and Wapp peeked at the pufferfish. I dodged a witch‘s potion of harming. Wapp started attacking the witch. My dog was freaking out and running in circles when he saw the pufferfish. We also didn‘t have any arrows. After Wapp killed the witch and we dodged, he gave us diamond axes. “Use it to attack,” he said. Another witch came into my view, with a skeleton behind it. I sliced at the witch, my belly doing a supposed flop above the pufferfish. As I dodged the skeleton‘s arrow, I asked, “This is getting pretty helpless, dontcha think?” I sighed and dug out some dirt. Before I could build a wall or escape, an interested creeper jumped down into my hole. I swung at it, running to the other corner of the hole. I easily pillared out and built a wall after that. “Let‘s improve my house,” I said. “Once we get inside, empty your pockets.”

We didn‘t have much to work with to improve my house. I had some iron, a bottle, and prismarine from the ocean monument, Mega had sugar, a bucket, and chests, and Wapp had redstone dust, wooden jungle planks, torches, and item frames. Just as I started to think ‘bout what we could build, Wapp handed me an empty book, then a quill with fresh ink. “Is this a journal?” I asked. “Of course,” Wapp answered. I started jotting down everything that I could remember (surprisingly everything!) in this journal (I plan to write a prologue if I ever escape). I decided that we would make another floor - the storage room. The chests were labeled with Wapp‘s invaluable items in his item frames. To top it off, we placed torches and replaced the burned ones.

We rushed outside and gotta speedo flower quickly. Seemingly, they only spawn in groups of one. Mega and Wapp both tried to pick up the flower, but a purple sphere appeared around it and made the sound of metal clanking. I could pick it up just fine. “Mega, these might be the things you were talking ‘bout when you said there was a ‘material that only you could collect‘!” I remarked.

“Before we go back, is this your mineshaft, Wapp?” I asked. “I think so,” Wapp answered, grinning a bit. I showed Wapp the mineshaft, and they said it was theirs. I felt so lucky. All of my friends so far had been right under my nose for the entire time. How could I find my other friends that weren‘t close, though? That was a big question, and I knew none of us knew the answer.

Right when we gestured to go back, I remembered that we needed handcuffs to arrest the griefer. “Mega?” I asked. “What?” they responded. “We need handcuffs,” I said. “Right,” they answered, “What I‘d used as the material for the last one was ruby, but you can make a better one with speedite.” “Who came up with these names?” I asked. “‘Cuz I‘d really like to teach ‘em how to do better.” I laughed at my own speech, but Mega and Wapp just gave me faces that sent the message, Wry humor! Sure, okay; whatever! “You also need a chain,” Mega added.

“Elaborate, please?” I asked. Then, I noticed Mega had a book. Before Mega read all of the recipe, I grabbed the book gently outta their hands. It wasn‘t glinted, which I knew meant it wasn‘t complete. “Lawbook, by AriEpik.” Maybe it had blank areas in it. I turned to page 39, Handcuffs. “Put five rubies/speedites in an X formation, then two chains on the sides. Upgradable with ghastpowder (made from a ghast tear and blaze powder). Use it on any player. These are breakable. See page 40.” I flipped to page 40, Chains. “Three iron ingots in a row along the middle, then a flint and steel at the bottom-center. Upgradable in the same way as handcuffs - ghastpowder (made from a ghast tear and blaze powder).”

Before I even started worrying ‘bout the handcuffs, I asked, “Does a nether portal still work?” Wapp shook their head. I sighed and asked, “Does the purple hologram appear?” “Yes, probably needs… a tweak?” Wapp answered. “It might need another dimension‘s item,” I proposed, and they just shrugged.

I nodded, and Mega gave me two flints. We walked down into the mine, ignoring bedding down for the night - due to the monsters. Wapp insisted I made my very own mineshaft, and I reassured I would later, when I had more materials. I had so much faith right then, I coulda theoretically summoned Herobrine. If Herobrine even exists, that is… I‘ll pray for Herobrine to not exist using my imaginary diamonds, thank-you-very-much.

There was another dastardly red enderman. I swung, with my dog almost getting thrown hitting second, unharmed. I stabbed it again, and spun backward to hit it after it teleported behind me. My dog got hit, but also killed the enderman. “We seriously need codes for these endermen,” I groaned.

Then, I just heard fire. That‘s it - just fire. I looked around to try to locate it, but failed. Wapp led Mega and I to that fire, which he‘d already extinguished. All that persisted was a block that looked like an orange-colored version of cobblestone. “What‘s that co-” I started to ask, but it was interrupted by Wapp informing, “Firestone. Iunno why there‘s this as well as magma.” “…A-a-and, w-why?…” I asked, stuttering. By now, this world‘s driven me stir-crazy - seriously! You‘da brought me technobabble and I‘da been soothed enough.

Avoiding said firestone, I curiously flipped to page 1 in the lawbook, which was Codes. I coulda used that, oh, maybe 30 seconds ago. “Code black,” I wrote, “Is an orange/red enderman.” As I wrote that, nevertheless, the more intrigued I became ‘bout the firestone.

As I started mining it, I heard grumbling - definitely monsters, I knew. That‘s a big plural. I gasped when I saw it - a horde of zombies, creepers, skeletons, spiders, witches, and endermen. What the heck? I thought. This can‘t be natural… I focused on reality again without hesitation. The hole from before mighta piled down mobs, but we‘d gone the other way, and they were ahead of us, not behind. I fished through my inventory frantically, and settled on my ax. I fed my dog the last piece of my disgusting steaks and charged. I killed an orange enderman easily with no damage, then discovered what I soon prophesied would be a nightmare later on - spawner spam. Hundreds of spawners of the different monsters emerged before my very eyes, and I was now confident this wasn‘t natural. “Someone‘s doing this!” I shouted. For a moment, I feared they hadn‘t heard me, but their expressions proved otherwise. I hid behind the alcove in front of the spammed spawners, then was relieved to see my dog was doing the same. It was painful notta panic.

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