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No one was talking, and I couldn‘t see anyone. There were so many inventions built up in the town. There were cauldrons, food chests, drink chests, shops, houses, and even hotels. They all seemed abandoned. I searched in the food and drink chests ‘till I was satisfied.

I heard something stepping on the grass. I turned around, and it was an actual person. It was walking toward me slowly. I cautiously examined the person ‘cuz this town seemed to have something wrong. I couldn‘t see their nametag. I guess we could only see our names. “Hey,” they said. I jumped up. “Hello?” I responded quizzically. They pulled out an apple. “Whatcha doing?” I asked. “Waiting for you to tell me who you are,” they answered. “I‘m SpeedoThreeSixty, at least here,” I said. “But seriously, who are you, and whatcha doing?” “iMegahh, I useta be mega_claws80,” they said (I‘ll be calling ‘em “Mega”). “I‘m tryna figure out what‘s going on. Do you know what‘s going on?” “I‘ve been tryna figure out the same thing,” I said. “I thought I would try to find civilization with people to help me, but I haven‘t found anyone that knows.” “What do you wanna do?” Mega asked.

“I wanna show you where I spawned,” I said. “I wouldn‘t mind if you could be my backup.” Mega followed me as I went back onto the bridge. “Nightfall is coming,” Mega warned. “Keep your guard.” There was a zombie. I ran toward it and slashed, going back. I ducked as Mega killed the zombie with their iron sword. “You should lead,” I said. “You have an iron sword.” I followed behind Mega. Every time we saw two zombies in a row, Mega jumped on the first and killed the second while I killed the first. We continued this process ‘till we reached the sea lanterns. Mega gave me an apple, and I ate it to heal.

When we reached my island, it was covered with spiders and skeletons. “There‘s a wolf here,” I said. “We needa tame it and use it as a defense before it dies!” “Why not just feed it?” Mega asked. “We can‘t feed the wolf while it‘s attacking any skeletons,” I said. “Meanwhile, if it‘s tamed, we can feed it even if it‘s attacking any skeletons, for convenience.” I shot a skeleton with my bow a few times. “Go kill the spiders, Mega! Craft us new bows! I‘ll kill more skeletons for the arrows!” I climbed up the tree, jumped down, and killed another skeleton. More skeletons surrounded me. I spun my sword around me and dashed through one of the skeletons. It shot me, and I shot it back a few times, killing it. I kept running ‘till I saw a spider. I skidded to the left, finding and killing another skeleton. I handed some arrows to Mega, and they gave me a new bow. “Follow me,” I said. We both climbed up the tree, shooting the spiders and skeletons from inside of the treehouse.

“Time to tame this wolf,” I said cheerfully. “And we gotta do it fast.” I fed the wolf a bone, and it gave me some small hearts, but it wasn‘t tamed. “What?” I said, puzzled. “Maybe it needs some water,” Mega proposed. I nodded and pointed to the hill. “Let‘s go to the ravine.”

We both ran up the hill. “Be careful notta walk off,” I warned. “There‘s lava right below the ledge down there.” We dug down a staircase ‘till we found the ledge. I used my cobblestones to make the ledge cover over the lava I‘d almost fallen in earlier. We walked across the pathway, and into the water. “Speedo, I think you forgot that there are many hostile mobs down here,” Mega said. We both drew out our swords, helping each other to kill all the mobs. “Mega, do you have any torches?” I asked. “Yes,” Mega answered. “Do you want me to place ‘em?” “Yes,” I answered.

“Mega, how much do you know ‘bout the underground?” I asked. “There are some cave monsters, buildings, crystals, new ores, and some sorta way to arrive at and survive in the void,” Mega said. “How do you know all that?” I asked. “Speedo, you don‘t wanna know,” Mega deflected. “Mega, you can tell me. I‘m your friend.” I said. “You won‘t be my friend anymore if I tell you,” Mega deflected again. “Mega, if I wouldn‘t be your friend once you told me, why would I be your friend right now?” I said. “Fine. But you hafta keep it a secret,” Mega said. “I can take a secret,” I oathed. “I will ask you for permission if I wanna.” “You know Cattt54327, the one that‘s lordofcattts now? I… abandoned ‘em,” Mega began. I sighed. “Why would you ever do that?” I asked. “It‘s hard to explain,” Mega said. “Don‘t be like that, Mega,” I said. “Everyone knows that if you say it‘s hard, it‘s easy!” Mega said, “I was gonna complete this world with Cat. We were preparing to travel to the void when Cat wanted to find an entirely different world. Cat begged for me to come with, and have fun together. But I knew that we were somehow brought to this world from Earth. I was worried ‘bout my friends. The first person I thought of was you. I spawned at the island across the bridge. I decided to make a town in the sky with some special material. For some reason, that material was only usable by me. I knew you would find me somehow. Then, you showed up. I had been living up there for a long time. A bridge was built since I started living up there. A bunch of griefers kept stealing my items, and what you saw was all that was left. I left Cat for my friends, and I chose you, Speedo! I tried to make it suitable for you as best as I could.”

“Look around for some iron,” I said, focusing back on the task. “After we tame this wolf, we needa go get Cat. Just ‘cuz you abandoned ‘em doesn‘t mean you can‘t be friends!” We soon had mined three iron and crafted a bucket in the crafting table. We went back up and I tamed the wolf. It was the daytime.

“I know where we can find Cat,” Mega said. “Cat‘s in space.” “How do you getta space?” I asked. “You hafta grind the sky, which requires you to grind the void, which requires you to grind the underground, which requires you to grind the overworld,” Mega answered. “Holy,” I said. This adventure was gonna be a long one. “What ‘bout the end?” I asked. “You hafta get there from the nether, which requires gonna space,” Mega answered. “What are we waiting for? Let‘s explore some underground buildings!” I shouted.

“Do you have a house? Does it have a mine?” Mega asked. “Yes, and yes,” I answered. “The mine doesn‘t lead to any caves yet, so let‘s go into it!” Mega followed me as I went inside of the mine, after placing new torches. “What‘s this open area?” Mega asked. “I fought a spider here my first night,” I answered. We dug ‘till we found a mineshaft. It didn‘t seem to be abandoned. We both dropped down.

The mineshaft hadda be connected to something. “Let‘s just stick together,” I said. “Tell me if you find a cave system.” I mined some iron. I turned and saw a dungeon below us with a spider spawner. “There‘s a spider spawner down here! We either needa break that spawner or block it!” I shouted. Mega jumped down into the dungeon, fighting the spiders, then they threw me some torches. I tucked and rolled down and placed torches everywhere. A spider turned and hit me, making me sprawl. “Mega, help!” I screamed. It was no help. The spider had immobilized me. I tried to shinny it off, but I couldn‘t. The spider kept biting. Mega ran and killed it. “Are you okay?” Mega asked. “Not really, but I‘m fine,” I answered, munching on s‘more apples. I looted the chest. It had some steak, cups of water, and a saddle. I kept eating steaks the whole time we were in the tunnels.

I found a huge ravine. “Mega, I found a ravine alright,” I said. Mega examined the ravine. It had many ores and loud zombies. “Do you know why those zombies are so loud?” I asked Mega. “Those ain‘t regular zombies,” Mega said. “They‘re called Boxers, move very fast, deal more damage, and only spawn underground.” “Do you have a crafting table?” I asked Mega. Mega handed one to me and I crafted an iron sword. “Let‘s go,” I said. “Just be careful.”

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