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I couldn‘t stop my dangling. I needed to heal up - which meant I needed food - if falling into the lava was inevitable. I heard a spider crawling on the ledge. I pulled out my sword. I swung at the spider, repeating ‘till it finally died. Another spider crawled up to me, and I successfully killed it. I searched for wooden planks in my inventory just when a zombie took me by surprise, and fell into the lava, smacking me in the back. The zombie did do some serious damage, but I was no longer dangling. I scrambled up onto the ledge. I was actually a bit tenacious.

I crafted some sticks and used ‘em together with my strings to create my fishing rod. Pleased with my dedication, I fished in the water, repeating the process ‘till I was full.

Now, I just hadda escape from the ravine, and go find civilization, as I‘d planned. First, I mined some coal, making eight torches. I placed ‘em around the ledge, with the bottom of the ravine being lighted by the lava I‘d almost fallen in. I hacked some stones, building a pathway to an area just above the patch of water. I jumped down into the water and swam outta it. I decided that I would try to hack as much as I could before coming back.

A silent creature started approaching me. It was made of different shades of green cubes, and its legs were shaped like an upside-down U. This was a creeper, the exact kind that I was hoping I wouldn‘t find. I fled in the direction I was facing before. Over there, more monsters were spawning. I still had enough wood to make four more sticks. I clumsily gathered a bunch of cobblestones and pillared up and across to my pathway I‘d made before, and crafted more sticks, which allowed me to craft even more torches from the coal I‘d gathered at the bottom. I came back down, facing all the mobs. I waved my sword at each mob, not knowing what to do. I couldn‘t retreat forever. I used the fishing rod on all the zombies, killing ‘em faster. I was approaching the water. The skeletons were after me, and I tried to deflect their shots. I did for most, but some of ‘em were too good. I broke my pillar and rebuilt it, too weak to proceed in battle.

I built a pillar outside, mining any blocks above me, making sure to build two blocks wide, and break from the other block, to avoid gravel suffocating me. It was already night, which meant hostile mobs were ‘bouta spawn. I rushed over to my shelter, exhausted from the day. I had progressed a lot.

When I got inside my shelter, I noticed something weird happened. My torches weren‘t lit anymore. I rushed outside to collect wood to make my new door, and for some extra wood. Then, I mined further down into the darkness. There hadda be a way to make the torches light forever. I made more torches, at the expense of a few zombie hits, then placed ‘em around my shelter.

I needed to craft a bed. I went outside to look for a sheep. I saw the ocelot from before running, seeming scared. A wolf was chasing it. It had red eyes and was interested in having the ocelot as a snack. I realized that I still had a fish leftover from my experience with the ravine, and I also had a bone from a skeleton in the ravine that was shot by another. Not thinking clearly, I put ‘em together in my crafting area. My crafted item was called a “herringbone.” I fed it to the wolf, with it surprisingly eating it, and it stopped hunting the ocelot. I heard the sound of an angry enderman. I turned around to see the same shape as a normal enderman. Its body was colored orange. I hadn‘t looked at it, and I wasn‘t punching anything, so there was no way I‘d upset it. I ran to the hill. There was no time for me to think - this enderman was strong. I found a sheep as I ran. I circled the sheep, attacking it each time ‘till it died (the situation was too intense for me to feel bad). The enderman punched me with its fist. I dashed into the jungle temple.

I ran down the stairs. To the right, I saw a dispenser covered with vines. This was a jungle trap. I tried to get outta the dispenser‘s way and broke the strings and tripwire hooks. An arrow hit me right in my elbow. I looted the arrows from the dispenser and looted the chest. It had a few apples, some gold nuggets, and a golden ax. The ax was enchanted with smite. I heard a skeleton approaching from behind me. I dashed directly through it, then stabbed it with my golden ax. It dropped a damaged bow, which I could use with the arrows. I went higher in the temple, fighting a few zombies. Eventually, I found the lever puzzle. I would be mining for ages if I didn‘t solve it. I tried every combination all night. I looted a golden apple and more gold.

I heard the enderman teleport into the puzzle area. I ran away, poking it with my sword. I escaped the temple and climbed up the tree. I hopped onto the other trees, mining their wood, and standing on their leaves. I jumped down and rushed back to the tree. I fortified the tree into a treehouse, making sure notta break its leaves.

I saw the enderman lingering below me. I leaped onto the enderman, sticking out my sword underneath me. It punched me back in front of it, and I killed it. I was very weak now, since I had gone through a lotta monsters.

It was day, so I decided to examine the land for any pathways. I found some grass that was paved white. I followed it. It led out to a deep ocean, with a bridge made outta polished diorite, and fences as handholds. Every chunk of blocks, there was a sea lantern placed on the bridge. After a bunch of chunks, the sea lanterns weren‘t placed on the bridge anymore. I reached the end of the bridge. I was on a very small island, with everything having been looted already. I saw a stone tower with ladders that I could climb up. When I reached the top, the area seemed like an entire town.

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