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S1 E3

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I heard audible creeping-crawling noises and hisses along the top of my roof. Spider, I thought. A spider was crawling on top of my shelter. It annoyed me so much that I considered going outside to kill it. I would get some sweet mob loot, but I was very unprepared. Now that I thought ‘bout it, I wasn‘t ready for creepers in the morning. I didn‘t wanna imagine how painful it would be to be blown up by a creeper, let alone die ‘cuz of it. Then, I remembered that I didn‘t have a door, so it didn‘t matter. I twitched to the opening, only to find the spider staring at me with its creepy red eyes. I already hated spiders, and now they would hafta be painful. What a terrible turn of events…

I examined it for a glance, then fled. It was already too late (c‘mon, I needed practice). The spider had bitten my stomach, sending me flinging back to the wall. It had made me sprawl on the floor, which meant I needed to get up. I redrew my sword, knowing that I didn‘t have the time. The spider jumped up, tryna immobilize me. I swung my sword at the spider. It didn‘t keep falling, however, it bounced up, close to the ceiling. I stood up and took another spider bite, staggering into the mine. That was the worst place I coulda ever staggered to.

Immediately panicking, I instinctively mined further swiftly. I dug a flat area that I could battle in. The spider leaped toward me. Fortunately, I blocked its attack with my sword. I charged, dodging all of its attacks. I was getting better, but far from perfect. I was weary.

The daylight had risen into the sky. I rushed outside to see an even more beautiful land. Melons had grown off of the trees. Some of the trees had vines coming down from ‘em. This quickly made me realize I was living in a jungle biome. Then, I heard a soft sound. “Meow!” I snuck toward the ocelot - a bit more of a crouch - to see it up close. It was a baby ocelot. I couldn‘t tame the ocelot without some fish, which would need a fishing rod, which would need me to kill more spiders for the string.

I hacked s‘more cobblestones. I also hacked down a few more trees, planting more saplings as I went. I‘d soon gotten a stone pickaxe and a stone ax. I could use the stone ax for hacking down s‘more wood, but I could also use it for getting big, slow hits on the monsters.

While I was hacking at a tree, I heard a distorted noise. It sounded like it was saying something… backward? I glanced to see a tall, black man holding a dirt block. It had purple eyes and purple particles radiating off of it. I already knew that I was facing an enderman. I couldn‘t just leave this opportunity behind for ender pearls! I nabbed the dirt block outta the enderman‘s hands, making it angry. I slashed at it, getting a punch in return. I hadn‘t eaten anything, which my stomach was now growling at me ‘bout (more of a reason to make that fishing rod). I retreated to the tree, climbing clumsily up the vines. I turned to the enderman, holding onto the vine with my left hand. I pulled out my ax, repeatedly hitting it ‘till it died.

Climbing back down, I decided to leave the tree there. It served as a resource for retreating from melee mobs and getting some loot. The enderman sadly didn‘t drop any ender pearls.

I looked at the grass. There was a lotta it. I remembered ‘bout seeds. I could craft seeds to create a farm, once I found water. And once I found water, I could make an infinite water source. Then, I could use my fishing rod inside of the water for some quick seafood while waiting for my farm. I thought ‘bout all that for a moment. A lotta things were different in this version of Minecraft than I‘d remembered. I could do many movements, I could punch myself, my body had many different features, and, most importantly, I was a noob to this version of Minecraft. This sparked another, somewhat off-topic idea in my head. What if other people were in this world? Maybe they haven‘t ever even played normal Minecraft! I needed to prepare this world for other people that might arrive here. This sparked yet another idea. What if I ain‘t alone? What if there are already other people in this world that know more than I do? That would be a good thing to happen for me, and it also made sense. Maybe famous YouTubers were in this world, too, and they‘ve already left to go back to their world. Maybe I was the one everyone needed to depend on to make a safe environment for new people. Maybe this world is our world, but we were somehow sent here. Maybe our world was in big trouble, and it needed our help to become normal again. Maybe there was a forever-existing portal in our world that would lead here.

All of these thoughts were ones that I wasn‘t equipped to answer. I was a noob. Even though I‘d played Minecraft before, this version was different. Plus, I was in the game in real life. My best bet was to find civilization, which would be far away.

I examined the area, tryna conserve energy. I found a super big tree. I clambered up its vines, leaping from vine to vine. There was a gap I could climb to. I was now on top of the tree. Almost at the edge of my render distance, I saw a small hill. I went back down, walking as fast as I could. I couldn‘t run anymore. I was starving.

I realized that the hill wasn‘t as small as it seemed, like this world itself was misleading me. I saw a building made outta cobblestones. Its cobblestones had overgrown some moss on top of ‘em. I could hear many hostile mobs there. I passed the jungle temple, knowing that I was starving, and it wouldn‘t even be worth it.

I dug down ‘till I hit a cave. I hadda dig out the dirt with my fist, as I had no shovel. I ran into a ravine. I had moved too far. I was dangling my grip onto the ledge. I looked down, and I saw lava beneath me.

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