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Part 1 - Understanding the World of "Minecraft" --> Chapter 1 - A Perfectly Fine, Normal Day

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S1 E1

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I woke up in my comfy bed in my room, at 9 AM. I had fallen asleep at 9 PM, for the first time. I missed my Minecraft friends. I wished I could enjoy and play the game better, and Hypixel would create more games, or at least better ones. I wished Watchdog would be better. I got on my computer and played all day. I did it all on a YouTube stream, and - good news - I got prestige 1 in the Pit game on the Hypixel server! It honestly was very exciting, but most of the other players just made fun of me for being so excited ‘bout the “noob-prestige” (prestige 5 or below). I typed, “At least I got it in the first place; for a player like me, it‘s very exciting.” Most of the other players joked again. BlueberryCloud started streaming (and I was still streaming, too), and I fell asleep during it. I was AFK all night, and it was really funny. I guess I coulda earned the title, “most active player.”

When I woke up the next morning, I saw the computer was still running. I turned off the stream and told everyone ‘bout it. Most didn‘t believe me, but would you expect ‘em to? I felt a tingling sensation throughout my body, for no sane reason. Then, everything went blank.

Everything formed cubically. I didn‘t know what had happened. I felt odd, like I was cubic, too. I still had my same thoughts, remembering everything in that other world, but that other world didn‘t seem to be the reality anymore. Suddenly, my mind wildly forced into my thoughts, Vivid dream! Vivid dream! Vivid dream! I thought ‘bout dying to get outta it. That always worked. What if it was real? I didn‘t wanna find out. Maybe let‘s try to find something painful, I thought, If it feels somewhat soothing, then it‘s a vivid dream. That would make a lotta sense, but what could I find to give myself pain? I already would hafta deal with the pain even if it wasn‘t a vivid dream, but how could I get hurt in the first place? Can I answer these questions? Is there anyone else in this world? By asking these questions, I only became even more perplexed.

I finally got an idea, I thought it would work perfectly. I was gonna punch myself, yes, it‘s strange, but it‘d work! I was thinking ‘bout it, How would this hurt me, to begin with? Eventually, I thought of an answer, It might not hurt me but it wouldn‘t be soothing either. I began punching myself then I accidentally hit the ground next to me. The weirdest thing happened, the ground cracked, but it went back to normal. For a moment, I was very bewildered. Then, an idea sparked, Is this Minecraft?! I looked up. To my surprise, a sorta hologram came into view. It read “SpeedoThreeSixty,” in all white. This world was Minecraft! Then, I had another thought: How could I punch myself? It wouldn‘t hurt (puns everywhere, y‘know) to try, wouldn‘t it? I looked at my feet with my right hand and punched. I felt a short, disorienting pain. It was not soothing at all, just painful. I was really in the world of Minecraft.

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