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The following page contains spoilers for the plot of A Minecraft Struggle.

The Cave Hanger was a minor event that happened when Speedo was still solo in Chapter 3 - Dark Terrors and Chapter 4 - Life or Death?.

Cave Hanger Math

Speedo was famished, passing the Life or Death? Jungle Temple at the very end of Chapter 3 - Dark Terrors. He mined down until he hit a cave, but actually hit a ravine. However, he moved too far, somehow dangling his grip onto the ledge with only one hand, as described in his journal (well, except for Speedo didn't write the one-handed part in his journal, but he knows). Lava was lurking beneath him. And this is where the opening of Chapter 4 - Life or Death? came in.

Speedo knew he needed food, but food was not possible to collect when dangling off of a ledge with one hand!

A spider crawled on the ledge, thus, Speedo pulled out his sword (in his left hand, since he was dangling off of his right hand, he didn't write that in his journal, either, but he knows). He aweingly killed the spider, another spider crawling in. He successfully killed that one, too.

Speedo searched for wooden planks in his inventory. Until a zombie took him by surprise! It smacked Speedo in the back, it falling into the lava soon after. That did do some serious damage, but Speedo was no longer dangling. He scrambled up onto the ledge. I was actually a bit tenacious, he wrote at the end of this first paragraph in Chapter 4 - Life or Death?.

Cave Hanger Aftermath

Speedo had wooden planks, strings from those spiders, and some more junk. He decided to craft some more sticks, combining them with the strings to make a fishing rod. Speedo was pleased with his dedication, and fished in the water next to the lava beneath him, repeating until he was completely filled up with food.

Speedo had two more major things left to do now: Escape from the ravine, and go find civilization, just as he'd planned.

To start, Speedo mined some coal, hence him crafting eight torches. He placed them around the ledge, letting the bottom of the ravine being lit by the lava that had almost killed him. Next, he hacked out some stones, using them to create a pathway just shy of the water beneath him. He splashed into the water and thrashed out of it in one go. He then decided to extract as much as he could before his departure from this dastardly place.

A silent creature approached Speedo. It consisted of green cubes of different shades, its legs shaped like an upside-down U. Yup, this was a creeper! Speedo fled in the direction he'd faced before. But more monsters were spawning over there, too! Speedo thought about how he had enough wood to make four more sticks. Clumsily, he gathered a bunch of cobblestones and pillared up and across to the pathway he made to venture down into these mob hordes down here in the first place, and then crafted up some more sticks, allowing him to craft even more torches with the coal he'd extracted from all the way down here. He came back down to confront the mob hordes.

Speedo waved his sword at each mob, dithering on what to do. He couldn't retreat forever! He used his fishing rod on all the zombies, killing them faster. Was this going to be enough? He was approaching the water. The skeletons pursued him, him desperately trying to deflect their shots. He succeeded for most, but some of them were still too good. He retreated, breaking and rebuilding the pillar, too weak to proceed in battle.

Speedo started to build a pillar up and back outside. He mined any blocks above him, ensuring he built two blocks wide and broke from the other side in order to avoid gravel suffocating him to death. It was already night. More hostile mobs were about to spawn! He rushed over to his shelter, exhausted from that day. He'd progressed a lot. We can all agree.